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Kamps Propane a real neighborhood asset
By Diana Saenger

Kamps TeamKamps has been serving the EastCounty residents with propane deliveries since 1969. John Kamps started the company in the San Diego area before moving the headquarters to Manteca, California. Each of the individual branches of the company is operated like its own headquarters, with a manager, training and a full range of propane services and technical expertise on propane applications.

 Propane, a by-product of the gasoline refineries, is a green fuel with a low carbon footprint and one of the cleanest of fossil fuels. The Environmental Protection Agency has deemed propane an attractive option for avoiding greenhouse emission in nearly any application.

 Working with propane is not a job to take on lightly. There are federal, local and state requirements that must be constantly met. Craig Linden, Kamps manager, works with the San Diego County  Hazard Materials Divison on a regular basis in regards to the chemicals the employees use. Handling a hazardous material requires drivers to pass a test about Federal Hazmat regulations and become a licensed commercial driver with special permits to carry and use a hazardous material.

 In addition to home and business delivery, Kamps fills 100-pound cylinders for consumers and also sells those cylinders through the local service stations. They also carry a range of propane-powered equipment and appliances. Federal tax credits under the Economic Recovery Act have up to $1500 tax credits available for home energy improvements.

 Some companies run their vehicles on propane. Linden, who had prior experience with propane, is an inventor and earned a BA in Business Administration from San DiegoState, oversees the operation at the Alpine facility. “We have six delivery vehicles,” he said. “At one time propane was a popular vehicle fuel and that is coming back. We have two trucks that run on propane and two more ordered.”

 Because of the economic situation Kamps has been more flexible with customers feeling the crunch. “We’re happy to take calls from customers who need adjustments or are concerned about problems,” Linden said.

 Kamps offers new customer specials, incentives to switch from another company and several plan options. These include:

    * E-Z saver plan – calculated over a year and divided into 12 monthly payments

    * Credit Challenged – Will Call when needed and pay at that time

    * Senior Discount

    * Electronic Reader Discount

 “The Electronic Reader is the new SMART System that Kamps has spent nearly $3 million to implement,” Linden said. “It’s a meter that goes on the tank and displays the Tank Fuel Level, Outside Temperature, Inside Temperature, and the Time, and we can read all of that remotely.”

Craig Linden - Manager of Kamps Propane The system can also send an immediate alert for Low Fuel Level, Unusual Usage and Low      Inside Temperature. There’s no cost to the consumer, and customers who elect to have the new SMART system will have a $.05 per gallon discount on all propane purchases for using the system. Kamps expects the system to be fully deployed within this year.

 “This has come about because John Kamps is very progressive about his business,” Linden said. “While some companies are still stuck in the same technology they had 40 years ago; that’s not his method. The company is family owned, but if he sees a way to improve the company or the product, he goes for it. We have 12 employees who because of Kamps’ standards, share a positive attitude which makes for a great working relationship overall.”

 John Kamps has seen a consistent growth in his company which he attributes to good managers who focus on customer satisfaction. “We're right here, and we're ready to earn your business every day,” the company bio states. Linden said this is something he learned in college and now puts into practice as a Kamps’ manager.

 “I’ve learned how important the customer is and how important it is to maintain good relations with them and respect them as consumers and our customers,” he said. “I think in the past few years our focus on this has created a great customer base and a great team.”

 Kamps Propane, Inc.
16245 Alpine Blvd.
(800) 797-4427, (619) 390-630
Mon. – Fri, 8 a,m., - 5 p.m.

 Photo: Kamps team Credit: Kamps
Photo: Craig Linden Credit: Diana Saenger