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Local feed store strives to meet the needs of pet owners
by Debbie Norman

Got pets?
Then East County Feed is the place to go. Whether it’s  dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, genuine pigs, pigs, cows, llamas, birds (wild or domestic), poultry,  coy, etc., chances are, the food and supplies needed will be found here.

George and Marty Barnard have lived in East County since 1964. Longtime animals owners and lovers, they decided to open East County Feed in January of 1999. Since that time, their business has grown from a feed store, to a full supply store complete with horse tack, pet toys, wormers, grooming supplies, vitamins, minerals, pest control products, crossover (human/animal) shampoos and creams, buckets, carts, rakes, fencing supplies, troughs, stall mats, pipe corral panels and the list goes on.

Marty Barnard keeps current with feed products. “We try to keep current with pet health issues and make every effort to match feed with the customers pet,” Barnard said. There are so many products on the shelves of her store, the choices could be quite confusing. But answers can always be found with her knowledgeable staff: Scott, Dennis, Dale, Brian and Bobbi; always there with a smile ready to help answer your questions.

Along with the tack, Barnard offers consignments for folks wanting to sell their own items. She also has catalogs on hand for orders of tack and supplies she might not have currently in her store. “I can get almost anything ordered for customers. We have many catalogs for customers to look through,” Barnard said.

Barnard offers another service not offered by many, leather repair. She repairs items right there in her store from saddle parts to boots at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy new. “Customers are looking to save money and repairing instead of replacing can really help,” she said.

The Barnards buy their feed in bulk, which gives the customers the best products for the fairest prices. Walking around their store, the products seemed endless. Inside the main building  are the pet products and feed, outside in large storage buildings are livestock feed, wood shavings, fencing, saddle racks, dog houses, rabbit hutches and so much more. 

When it comes to owning a pet or livestock,  it is  worth a  trip to check out East County Feed. East County Feed is located at 10845 Woodside Avenue in Santee, just west of the Hwy. 67 bridge . For more information Marty Barnard and her helpful staff can be reached at (619) 562-2208.

Editor’s note: Check out East County Feed’s ad and weekly coupons on the ‘Best Friends.’


Marty Barnard works on leather repairs.

Photos by Debbie Norman

Dennis is ready to help.

Bridles, halters and leadropes.

Dog houses and rabbit hutch.

Shelves lined with supplies.