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Bourne Legacy


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‘Bourne Legacy’ — worth watching

Click for larger imageJust the word Bourne makes fans of the movie series start searching for tidbits before the film is released.But how long this series can keep going on is the question most fans who saw the newest film Bourne Legacy, keep asking.

New director Tony Gilroy approaches this film like a bullet train. The first third of the movie moves so fast it’s easy for Bourne fans to get lost and newbies to the series to be totally confused.

Also somewhat confusing is that Jason Bourne, the supreme spy of the 21st century, and which this series of films are about – is not in this film. That’s because Matt Damon, who portrayed Bourne, didn’t want to play the role anymore. So, then let’s just write him out of the story?

Reel Facts

Bourne Legacy

Universal Studios

Gazette Grade:

for violence and action sequences

Who Should Go:
Jeremy Renner fans

While the plot races back and forth with new people coming and going, it’s nice to say that Jeremy Renner steals this show. His bravado feels like it will jump off the screen as he gets in and out of danger with the flick of a match swiftness. Rachel Weisz, a scientist caught in the middle of – well it’s hard to guess who – also does a great job in keeping the suspense going.

When things go wrong for the government and they try to cover up or extinguish those who can expose them, it’s Colonel Eric Byer (Edward Norton) giving the orders. Unfortunately Norton’s talents are wasted here as he’s merely a man standing in a room bantering throughout the film.

Bourne Legacy could have been much better and might disappoint die-hard fans ofthe series but there’s enough adventure/action to make the film worthwhile to see
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