2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S
by Dave Stall

2012 Porche Panamera Turbo SSince my review last year on the Porsche Panamera Porsche has set out to give owners of that car some company. Porsche has added horsepower to the mix – a lot. The last Panamera I tested was a V6, but this Twin Turbo S is a beast with 550 horsepower and 553 pound foot of torque backed by a sequential 7-speed PDK transmission.

The interior is splendid and very workable as everything is within easy reach. Drivers will have to learn what all the buttons and switches do, but that’s half the fun of owning a Porsche. The seating is beautiful with leather and chrome enhance the look and feel of the car.

The Turbo S is all wheel drive which planted this car flat on mountain roads, and if occupants don’t look to the rear they wouldn’t know they weren’t in a 911 coupe. There are many options when it comes to suspension, two sport settings with availability to open the exhaust pipes to get a little more throat in the exhaust tubes.

2012 Porche Panamera Turbo SThe Panamera was loaded with options like adaptive seating with cooling and heating features, Porsche Ceramic Competition Brakes (a little noisy and grabby until they are good and hot), Carbon Fiber illuminating door sills, and a Sport Design Package (see the dealer for more information).

I am impressed with the four-year, 50,000 mile, basic Porsche warranty. There is also an option for a service contract for drivers who plan to keep the car longer than four years. Driving this car can be as wild or tame as the driver wants.

My tester was Aqua Blue Metallic with an interior of Platinum Grey. I cannot think of anything I would remove from the Panamera S Turbo. The base price is $173,200. Add the entire factory installed options and it’s around $194,665 plus tax and license.

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